Walnut liqueur for the thyroid gland: Recipe and how to drink

walnut liqueur for the thyroid

Nuts, including the walnut, are a leading source of phenolic compounds with high antioxidant activity. From a nutritional point of view, the walnut is important in the human diet, because it contains a rich kernel that shows its nutritional capacity due to the high level of unsaturated fatty acids, digestible proteins, phenolic compounds and dietary fibers.

Regular and adequate consumption of walnuts is associated with a reduction in the risk of some diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular symptoms, diabetes and degenerative disorders. The leaves of different species of walnut have traditionally been used in several European countries to alleviate minor inflammatory skin disorders. Ripe walnut fruits are consumed as fresh in confectionery products, while the young form of the fruit is mainly used for the production of liqueur.


The beneficial properties of walnuts have been known since ancient times. Hippocrates himself described their properties, saying that this product is necessary for maintaining the balance of vitamins in the body.

Among many varieties of nuts, walnuts have a high content of vitamins C, E, B, PP, A. They contain many minerals, iron, sodium, cobalt and zinc. Proteins and saturated fatty acids are considered equally important elements of this product.

All of these vitamins are important for maintaining health, and:

  • Strengthening the immune system.

Doctors recommend nuts in the cold season, as much as possible, when the immune system is weakened. Vitamins that are part of nuts help to strengthen immunity.

  • They are used for anemia.

This is helped by zinc and iron. Nuts raise the level of hemoglobin in the body, which significantly improves human health.

  • They have advantages in cardiovascular diseases.

Walnuts are an ideal medicine for the prevention of diseases of the heart and blood vessels. They strengthen blood vessels, purify the blood, promote cholesterol resorption

  • It improves the functioning of internal organs, improves potency.

Nuts strengthen men’s health and increase potency. These properties of the fruit were discovered in ancient Greece, where the walnut was first used for this purpose.

  • Normalizes bowel function.

Proteins in nuts help improve the functioning of the digestive system. The microflora in the intestines is normalized, which helps fight against dysbiosis and constipation.

  • Soothing properties.

A specially prepared tincture from the septum in the shell is a powerful natural sedative.

  • It helps to improve the functioning of the brain and the body as a whole.

Nuts fill the body with energy, speed up metabolism and help the body work much faster.


The high content of iodine in walnuts improves the functioning of the endocrine system, so endocrinologists recommend their patients to consume these fruits regularly. Walnuts are especially recommended for children during their growing period. It helps in creating a strong and healthy body. It fills the child with energy and strength. The daily norm for children is 5-7 pieces.

Walnuts are recommended for people living in environmentally polluted areas or in places where high levels of radiation have been detected.

It is important not to exceed the daily dose of the product. Sometimes the fruit of the walnut can be harmful. First of all, contraindications for the use of this fruit include individual intolerance and allergies. Even 1-2 nuts can aggravate the condition of a person suffering from psoriasis, eczema and neurodermatitis.

Also, although nuts can help with some gut problems, they are not recommended for serious gut problems. If you have serious problems with the gastrointestinal tract, be sure to consult a doctor about their consumption.

An adult is recommended to consume 10-12 nuts per day.


Few people know that unripe walnuts are also very useful for human health. This is primarily due to the high content of vitamin C (lemon contains 50 times less of this vitamin). In addition, green walnuts contain iodine, carbon, vitamins E and PP, phytoncides, tannins, polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Green walnut has a positive effect on a person’s emotional and physical condition, improves thyroid function, strengthens the immune system, normalizes metabolism, makes the walls of blood vessels more elastic, normalizes the work of the cardiovascular system, improves brain function, and enhances intellectual abilities.

Fills the body with energy; constant fatigue and sleepiness disappear with regular use. It helps to cleanse the body of toxins, various viruses and bacteria. Prevention is for inflammation in the intestines or stomach.

However, it is undesirable to use this product if the body has a high iodine content. Sometimes an allergic reaction occurs.


Green walnut liqueur is used for skin disorders, especially fungal ones. It is also used externally for eczema and other skin irritations. Walnut is also used for digestive problems and constipation.

The best-known medicinal use of green walnut liqueur is against parasites, including viral and fungal parasites on the body and in the intestinal tract.

Walnut is a natural preparation that is successfully used in it is needed for the treatment of diseases of the stomach, mucous membranes of the mouth and throat, and especially for the thyroid gland, because it is rich in iodine.

It can also help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


In order to prepare homemade walnut liqueur, you need high-quality green walnuts, which are harvested at the beginning of June, because that’s when they are most medicinal. The fruits should be healthy, firm and white when you cut them. As for alcohol, good quality homemade brandy can be used.

You need:

  • 40 young walnuts
  • 1 kg of honey
  • 1 liter of brandy

Cut young walnuts in half, put them in a large glass jar and add 1 kg of honey and 1 liter of brandy over them. Close with a suitable lid and let the jar stand in the sun for 40 days.

Stir the contents occasionally with a plastic spoon.


Every morning on an empty stomach, drink one small, brandy glass of this liqueur. Before serving, shake the walnuts gently to lift the medicinal sediment. As an aperitif, you can serve liqueur with ice and a slice of lemon.


Necessary ingredients:

  • 11-13 young green walnuts,
  • 1 liter of homemade brandy – grape brandy,
  • 400 grams of brown sugar or homemade honey,
  • 4-5 cloves,
  • a whole lemon.

Liqueur preparation:

First, wash the walnuts well and cut them in half. Rinse the lemon and cut it into slices. Combine the ingredients and stir until the sugar dissolves. It is even better to put honey instead of sugar. Close the bottle and keep it in the sun for a maximum of 40 days. Shake the drink every day, but do not open it.

It is recommended to consume one glass in the morning and in the evening. Homemade green walnut liqueur made in this way is useful for treating the stomach, helps with anemia and a diseased thyroid gland.

Walnuts are extremely rich in iodine and are therefore an excellent remedy for thyroid diseases.


Walnut as a medicine for the thyroid gland has been used since ancient times, until today. Adherents of healthy eating and alternative medicine value this homemade alcoholic beverage as an excellent natural remedy for diseases of the thyroid gland, one of the most important endocrine glands in our body, which controls many vital processes. This is precisely why young green walnuts are used to make walnut liqueur, which are the richest in iodine, and we know that iodine is a necessary element for the functioning of the thyroid gland.

To use this liqueur as a medicine, drink one glass of it every morning on an empty stomach.

Herbal liqueurs are alcoholic beverages with numerous functional properties, due to the presence of bioactive extractive compounds originating from plants. In addition to producing a sense of satisfaction, herbal alcoholic beverages also contain a wide range of bioactive compounds derived from plants. Herbal drinks are increasingly popular in the food industry due to their beneficial effect on human health, which is related to the bioactivity of herbal ingredients.


There are many myths about the magical properties of walnuts. The history of walnuts goes so far back that no one knows exactly where walnuts come from. The first historical mention of walnut refers to Babylon in the fifth century BC. The ancient Greeks, around the fourth century BC, crushed walnuts to extract oil from them. Records show that a century later, Romans paid high prices for walnuts, as the nobility served them with fruit for dessert.

Today, walnuts can be found as an ingredient in all cuisines. Chicken stuffed with walnuts is an Italian specialty, while in China, walnuts are often added to mixed meat dishes. In Eastern Europe, walnuts are combined with cucumbers in cold soup, and in the Middle East they are often used in lamb stew. Chopped walnuts go well with vegetables.

Green walnut liqueur has been used as a natural medicine in folk medicine for hundreds of years. Folk medicine recommends walnut for the treatment of anemia, but also as a first aid for stomach problems and for speeding up digestion, as well as for problems with the thyroid gland.

The recipe for its creation can be found in monastic writings and in the notes of old herbalists. Our ancestors adored this liqueur, knowing well all its medicinal properties.

Today, many people make their own nut butter, and in many families it is consumed by all members, as a prevention of disease, but also when the disease is present.

Although medicinal, don’t forget, this homemade liqueur is basically a strong alcoholic drink. Precautions are limited to not overdoing its consumption.

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