Badger fat for erectile dysfunction (ED)

badger fat for erectile dysfunction

The problem with potency is a delicate problem for a large number of men and this condition affects a large number of the male population, even today much more often than in previous years. Unfortunately, this is not a problem that people like to talk about, so professional help is rarely sought and most often the problem is solved on its own or, in the best case, in pharmacies with the help of a pharmacist.

As we said, it is a problem that is reluctant to be talked about, so even in the pharmacy people do not ask for adequate advice, but rather buy a preparation recommended by an advertisement without being aware of whether that particular preparation is suitable for us. In this sense, due to the more frequent independent treatment of impotence, perhaps the best solution is to use natural preparations that can help you, and certainly cannot cause harm, even if they do not achieve the effect you expected. Of course, it should be emphasized once again that the professional help of a specialist has no alternative, and natural preparations will very likely be part of the doctor’s recommendation.


Animal fat has been used as a medicinal substance in our people since ancient times – alone or in combination with other medicinal elements from nature (herbs, roots, animal derivatives). It is most often used as the basis of many preparations, considering that it is good by itself in any combination, and at room temperature it is in a solid state, but suitable for easy application.

Animal fat is used equally as a medicine for external as well as internal therapy and also as an important food item in the diet. For a while, the latter was under question but as it usually happens, in the end scientists also realized that some folk wisdom and the rules of life and healthy habits should not be changed.

We believe that badger fat made you wonder – what else will they come up with to make a preparation that no one has ever heard of. Actually, badger fat is nothing new. We are talking about an animal derivative which has been known for at least two centuries. First, the healing properties of this ointment were discovered by badger hunters, so that the wide range of effects of this ointment was discovered through human application and, of course, successful healing.

Information about badger fat is less known for people in cities and one would say in villages today, but we are certainly talking here about the experience that has been passed down for generations, both in these areas, and especially in the territory of Russia.

The question is why animal fat is so good for human consumption. First of all, excess nutrients are stored in fat tissue, which the body stores for occasions when there is a lack of available regular nutrition. Animals that live in nature, free to look for food that suits them and of course those that live in unpolluted and in any other way unthreatened areas, store the best quality fat.


The badger is a nocturnal animal which does best underground where it digs tunnels close to the ground and lives in them. In the open space, this animal from the marten family, with very poor eyesight, finds it difficult to find its way around and is therefore easy prey for hunters, i.e. dachshund dogs with the help of which they are hunted in countries where their hunting is not prohibited.

The badger is an animal that feeds on animals, plants and fungi. The badger eats insects, earthworms, reptiles and small mammals, amphibians, eggs and young birds. It feeds on roots, acorns, fruits and mushrooms and its special treat is the larvae of ladybugs and wasps.

As the badger is a animal that goes through the winter sleep phase during the winter, it prepares for the hibernation period by depositing an abundance of nutrients in its fat tissue. This is where the numerous properties of badger fat come from, which make it so effective in the treatment of various diseases.

There is an abundance of vitamins stored in badger fat, first of all there is vitamin A, followed by B vitamin complex, vitamin K, tocopherol, folic acid, carotenoids and carotene, organic acids and macroelements.

Badger fat is also rich in linoleic and linolenic fatty acids, which the body can only get from food and without which the level of bad cholesterol in the body is disturbed.


The best-known effect of badger fat is in the treatment of respiratory organs. This ointment is excellent for sinus problems and it is also effective for pneumonia (you can see in the text badger ointment for pneumonia), tuberculosis, bronchitis and asthma. Badger fat facilitates expectoration and alleviates the symptoms of flu, cold or sore throat, so it is most often used here as a poultice but also as a preparation for internal use.

Badger ointment has a beneficial effect on injuries or diseased conditions in the joints. This ointment will help with pain in the joints, tendons, ligaments, whether caused by rheumatism, ossification, injury or some other cause. The key is its effect on improving circulation which eases a large number of the ailments we have listed and this property is also recommended in the treatment of impotence.

It is also very effective as a means of strengthening immunity and restoring strength and strengthening an organism that has been weakened by some disease or some physical effort.

Badger fat also helps with skin diseases such as psoriasis or depigmentation and also has a beneficial effect on skin changes, injuries (scratches, bites, burns, etc.). Hemorrhoids are also treated with this ointment.

How is it used for erectile dysfunction (ED) problems?

There are many preparations that can be found on the market for the problem of erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, the choice very rarely falls on natural preparations and some healthy foods, which can be very useful for the male urge (nuts, cinnamon, parsley or onions, for example).

Badger ointment is one of those natural preparations which have no accompanying side effects, nor bad consequences on other organs and many attribute to it a high degree of effectiveness when it comes to the treatment of male impotence.

It is recommended that badger fat be used daily continuously for a month and then take a break of two weeks, after which the procedure is repeated. Badger fat is best combined with the already mentioned natural preparations that also have a good effect on potency, and best with honey, because it is a natural substance that improves male libido.

Of course, a persistent problem should be examined by a specialist (urologist).


Badger ointment is used both externally and internally.

As poultices, which involve applying a thin layer of fat to the painful area or to the part of the skin located in the area of ​​the treated organ (chest) and then covering it with gauze or cotton cloth. The coating should stand for a couple of hours.

In the case of skin injuries, ointment is applied to the wound and on this occasion it is not necessary to cover the area with gauze.

For internal use, a drink is made from warm tea and a teaspoon of fat and drunk without sweeteners, in the morning on an empty stomach, once a day.

For problems with potency, honey can be added to this mixture, which also has a beneficial effect on potency.